• How do I register to open an account?

Go into register, enter your name, email address and password.

  • How do I buy a book?

You must first register, then select "Our Ebooks" or "Our Subscriptions" category then follow the instructions.

  •  How can I remember my password if I forgot it?

 About Go to Forgot your password? You will have the field Please enter your e-mail address to receive your new password, Enter the e-mail address and then click on Retrieve.

  •  How to find a book?

 Insert the title, or the author's name, in the search tool and follow the instructions.

  •  How do I change my password?

To change the password to log in then click on View My Client Account, then go to my PERSONAL INFORMATION. Note that the time for regenerating the password is 360 minutes.

  •  How do I cancel a purchase?

Log in then click on View My Customer Account, then go to my HISTORY AND DETAILS of my ORDERS, choose the command a drop order cancel and cancel message.and send.

  •  What is the difference between "Our Ebooks" and "Our Subscriptions"? 

The section "Our Ebooks" allows you to read at any time, while "Our Subscriptions" provides access to content that can be read online during subscription.

  •  What are the Ebooks you can subscribe to?

You can only subscribe for academic documents.

  •  How long does a subscription last?

A subscription lasts 6 months.